Ride on cars battery life

Ride on cars battery life
     With invention of plastic, all industries took advantage of it. Cars that were made out of heavy metal started to be modify in to plastic. World stepped into a new era of plastic.

    The biggest industry that grew, because of invention of plastic, was the toy industry. Little cars that all the boys love to play with began to look like real life model and was affordable by middle class. New creation idea that created a new category in toys, battery powered toys. Those toys instantly became popular between boys and girls. Boys did not want a regular model car any more, they want the car that can ride. Girls wanted the talking doll instead of just regular stuffed dolls. Battery toys began their journey to grow in sizes, shapes, and functions.


 Battery toys were limited in function at the beginning, because of battery capacity and of the size of the battery. First electric ride on car was powered by 6V battery. Ride on cars were a big construction in which it was easy to install the battery. Scientists did not stop just on ride on cars and implemented batteries in to basic toys. There are now over 1 billion electric toys, cars, dolls, and scooters that operate on battery. The progress of batteries started with a big box that help few minutes of charge in to 1 small box that holds hours of fun for kids.

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