"Pimp My Ride On"

Pimp My Ride On

Our last Sunday went somewhat like this....

On Saturday we were invited by one of our customers to a ride on car show that was taking place on Sunday. Our team, along with our family, came to a park to see the event. We were surprised after what we saw there. Ride on cars were upgraded to the fullest.

Pimp My Ride On                          "New 4 speakers were installed into this Range Rover"

There were so many customized ride-ons, it made our heads spin just by looking around. This event was not just to show off cars, but to go out and have fun with nice people. "The purpose of the show to create a community of loving parents" - said Bianca the promoter of the Ride on Cars Show. Good music, smell of hot dogs cooking, laughter of kids playing, and nice company was the formula for that Sunday.

After some time passed by the host named Tavis call all contesters up to the stage in order to decide which ride on is the Number 1. When all cars lined up, team of judges walked around to make their final decisions.

Pimp My Ride On                                                 "Line up for nominations"

All of the contesters won a price, but the Number 1 place was chosen out of all electric ride on cars. The winner of the show and our hearts was the pink Bentley. A little creation of a single mom Jesse and her lovely daughter Brianna. They took their creativity and turned it into a trophy.

Pimp My Ride On             "Big Winner of the show and our hearts"

I would like to thank everyone that came to that show!

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