The Best Licensed Ride on Cars for Kids

Electric toy cars are exciting, well designed with sleek attractive colors. Different models come with different pros but one common feature is the remote control system. Battery ride on cars with soft wheels for kids are on a different league when it comes to toy cars, kids can ride in-house or outside. Most importantly is that it’s safe to use, with an adjustable seat belt your child can ride without been held.


Electric toy cars have built in safety features including the adjustable safety belt. Other than that the car is well aligned to keep it well grounded without tipping off. At 3-5mph it’s a safe speed for your child and you can easily slow them down using the remote control.

Here are the best ride on toy cars to choose from, each with its own unique selling point 12V ride on cars with soft wheels Mercedes, Range Rover ride on car, Ferrari ride on car, Bentley car for kids:

12V ride on Mercedes with LED wheels 

The Mercedes SL65 creators made an exact replica of the real Mercedes. Features of the ride on Mercedes comes with a plug-in and replicates real car sound when ignited. Its realistic lights give off the real Mercedes experience.  It has incredible build durable to last long. Safety comes first with the licensed battery ride on with soft wheels Mercedes, seat has adjustable seat belts to fit children of all sizes, as well as the wheels are balanced to give better grip as they ride on. In addition, your child can enjoy control by stepping on the pedal for forward and reverse motions. Moreover, these cars for toddlers come with big touch screen multimedia system that can play your child’s favorite videos.

Range Rover ride on with soft wheels

Range Rover Power Wheels

A replica of the original range rover the kid version range rover ride on car come with all exceptional features. You will be impressed with the interior; a dashboard is realistic complete with key start engine sound. The exterior paint job is well done and the ABC plastic is durable to withstand minor bumps. Alloy finish on the wheels gives it better grip keeping your child safe as they ride on. If that’s not enough the range rover with 12V battery ride on car with soft wheels seat is designed for comfort with adjustable seat belt.

Ferrari ride on car

Ferrari Power Wheels

If Ferrari is your dream car then the Ferrari ride on car for kids will entice your senses. With built in Mp3 you can download sounds and poems. The dashboard comes with ignition key to give off that car sound, a steering wheel to give your child control. In addition to this the Ferrari ride on car has brakes that works, giving your child complete control. On the exterior the doors can be locked keeping your child safe as they ride. A rechargeable battery on the Ferrari makes it even more powerful and long lasting. If you feel overwhelmed, by the experience use the remote control system to move the car in forward and backward motion.

Bentley car for kids

Bentley Power Wheels

The Bentley original car is not just a car it’s a replication of beauty and elegance, so is the Bentley car for kids. Branded Bentley toy car is great value for money, it’s durable, attractive and more importantly safe for kids. The dashboard comes complete with a steering wheel and ignition car sound engine to keep your kids excited. It comfortably fits kids between 2-5 years old and comes with adjustable seatbelt. The battery operated ride on cars with soft wheels on the Bentley car for kids are well balanced to give your child firmness as they ride on.


Electric toy cars are a great addition to your toy collection, not only will it enhance play time but also skill set. You can choose any of these cars on our website collections. At My Tiny Wheels we have an array of colors to choose from in our showroom or online store. Choose what you want from the best battery operated ride on cars with soft wheels and we will deliver for free.

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