BMW ride on cars

BMW ride on cars are dream cars for kids of this age. Every child wishes to have a replica car in his/her childhood. So, you can get them these replica models of the original cars at affordable prices. But before that, let’s have a look at what these models are offering from the original manufacturer’s cars. These baby BMW  cars are made of premium materials just like their original parent. These BMW ride on is unbeatable value for money. The kids love the replicas of BMW ride on due to its great features. Let’s take a look at different aspects of this car:

Specs and Safety:

BMW ride on cars are designed for 2 to 5 years old children. The BMW cars for kids are powered by a 12v motor and a 12v Lithium ion battery. The battery is rechargeable and can withstand a lot of charging cycles. The charger is included in the car accessories, and you don’t have to purchase it separately. The runtime of the car is maximum 2 hours on a full charge which is pretty amazing. The speed of the car is four mph both front and reverse which ensures that safety of your child in every possible way. The licensed car is also equipped with working LED lights. These lights are of high-quality and can shine like the real ones in the night. There is a mp3 option in the baby BMW cars which allows children to listen to music, tunes, and different horn sounds. The remote-control unit of BMW is available for the safety of children.

Safety features in this BMW ride on include adjustable seat belts for children and parenting remote controller. The remote controller can be used when the kid is not able to operate the car. The BMW cars for kids also supports great braking system and tires for firm grip on the road. The company warns about different things like don’t use this car in steep locations and pavements.


The interior and exterior of the car are also well designed. The exquisite detail of interior can stun anyone including the big car owners. The realistic design of the wheels is also stunning. Engine sounds, foot pedal and loud speakers, all of them are well designed for a replica BMW ride on like this. There is also an audio jack along with preset melodies in the baby BMW cars. The working front and rear lights ensure that kids enjoy all the features of the baby BMW cars. The chrome like wheels adds a significant feel and difference in these BMW cars for kids. The mirrors also look like real life BMW cars. Everything is perfect in this replica baby BMW cars.


With all these things in mind, one can easily decide on purchasing a BMW  replica car for their kids. If you want best in class baby BMW cars with the assurance of safety and quality for your children, then these are the ultimate BMW cars for kids that you can get for your children. You can try them, remotely control them; the battery timing of these BMW cars for kids is incredible and much more. Order one for your children, and you will not regret it.

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