Mercedes Benz ML350 Black

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Mercedes Benz ML350 Black

Has your child been riding and you want to advance? The Black Mercedes-Benz ML350 6V is the best toy to help him grow his skills. This advanced Licensed power wheels ML350 will give the child the feel of actual driving. This Electric kids ride on car Mercedes is manufactured of high-quality materials.  Black Mercedes Benz ML350 6V is ideal for kids between 2 to 5 years of age. The MP3 connection of Licensed power wheels ML350 lets your child listen to the music of his choice. The battery-powered car is easy to learn and ride, but it is advisable to use the parenting remote controller.


The realistic wheels are designed to withstand all terrain and prevent the Black Mercedes Benz ML350 6V from tipping. Fastening the adjustable seat belt on Electric kids ride on car Mercedes is paramount. The remote control will help you monitor the front and back motion of this Licensed power wheels ML350. The LED lights will help you locate Black Mercedes Benz ML350 6V at night and make your evening rides comfortable.

Interior and Exterior Performance

While the two functions may appear different Electric kids ride on car Mercedes has retained its taste of licensed power wheels ML350 class. The well detailed Black Mercedes Benz ML350 6V wheels look real and chrome like in appearance. The ECO ABC plastic body is manufactured from high-grade materials. Your nights are lit by the glamorous LED lights thus helping you locate this engine.

Electric kids ride on car Mercedes horn, and engine sounds are similar to the original ML350. There is the foot pedal to help your child accelerate to the next speed. Help your child adjust the seat belt correctly on his licensed power wheels ML350.  Back and front movement may be a challenge for starters, but with the remote control, the Black Mercedes Benz ML350 will remain under your observation. The MP3 connection will enable your child to listen to music of his choice. Always keep the battery of Electric kids ride on car Mercedes charged not to miss out on the fun. The budget of this toy car is friendly therefore help your child improve his driving skills.

  • Electric ride on 6V
  • Remote control
  • LED headlights
  • MP3 player
  • Push button start
  • Forward and reverse gears

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