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Ferrari toy cars for toddlers

Ferrari cars are dream cars for children. Every child's wish is to get a Ferrari of their dreams. So, as parents, you can fulfill their dream by getting them this remote-control Ferrari toy car. This remote-control Ferrari is an electric car for kids in which they can enjoy the ride for a long time. The experience is almost the same as the Ferrari company cars because the main company approves the material used in the car. These remote-control Ferrari 12v cars are manufactured under the license of the Ferrari company. These rides on the cars are unbeatable value for money. The kids and parents like the recent replica model of the Ferrari 12v car due to the robust features the company added in their product.

Specs and features:

The Ferrari toy cars include a Mp3 player built using which kids can listen to their favorite tunes and poems. The parental remote-control feature of the car is also very prominent feature. Parents can control the Ferrari electric car for kids using a remote control from a distance. If this isn't required, the child can control the vehicle using the electric wheel and steering of the Ferrari electric car for kids. The dashboard of the car is also one of its own styles. LED headlights, indicators and gear stick along with other features make this replica car a master piece. The long lasting rechargeable battery helps children in enjoying rides for a long time. The powerful motors used in this electric toy car for kids make it worth more than ordinary products. These are genuine licensed remote-control Ferrari 12v ride on cars. Remote control Ferrari 12v toy car’s 12-volt battery is also made of advanced technology and offers kids to get long lasting playing experience. Ferrari electric car for kids is a great source of fun for children.


Safety is an important part of anything for parents. Whenever parents purchase something for their children, they ask questions about the safety of the product. These replica cars are specially designed to make your kids feel safe and satisfy your needs of safety. The brakes used in this car are firm and help in stopping the car on the spot. Parents can also remotely control the vehicle and take it wherever they want. The company warns the customer to not use these cars in public places and places where heavy traffic is expected. In the manual, it is clearly written that these Ferrari electric car for kids are not for 36 months old. The cars should not be used on roads and pavements. Always find a safe area where you can let your kids ride on car in front of you.


With all these things in mind, one can easily make the decision of purchasing these replica Ferrari toy cars for their kids. If you want best in class products with the assurance of safety and quality for your children, then these are the ultimate remote-control Ferrari toy cars that you can get for your kids. You can try them, remotely control them; the battery timing is incredible and much more. Take the decision of purchasing one of these Ferrari 12v cars for your kids, and you will not regret it. You can also contact on the toll free number to get assistance in any problem related to these Ferrari electric car for kids.

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