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Mercedes SLS Ride On Car is approved under the license from Benz. This SLS has forward, reverse shifter switch, with remote control facilities. It has MP3 player system along with LED wheels. The seat is made up of leather. Safety belts are also installed. So it is very much ideal for boys and girls. The engine sound is very much vivid. SLS has Push button start with ignition sound. It has a 12V battery.

This product has Horn Sound Buttons on the Steering Wheel. It has amazing LED Headlights and Tail Lights. Also, it has wing mirror. No maintenance cost required. This product is very easy to assemble. Only it requires 10 to 15 minutes. The shipping weight of this car is 52lb.

This superb Mercedes SLS AMG Ride On is the perfect car for 2 to 4 years age group. It has wireless remote control features. The Key ignition with startup sound is great. Moreover, it has both MP3and MP4 player system facilities. The horn, engine sound and volume control facilities are immense. This SLS is for both boys and girls. The seat belt is fully adjustable. This SLS has foot pedal accelerator. Also, it can be operated by steering wheel via remote control. This product comes with a 12V battery. The weight capacity is 55lbs. This product is available in red, white, silver and color. 30 to 40 minutes needed for assembling.

Mercedes-Benz SLS Ride On

Mercedes-Benz SLS Ride On is a very stylish car. The wheels of this car are beautifully designed. The exterior of this car is amazing. The color is very attractive. The seat is very well designed. Moreover, it is very much comfortable for children. This product comes with remote control system. This SLS is for both boys and girls. This SLS has MP3 facilities. Children can enjoy their favorite music. The weight of this product is 30lbs.

This Mercedes-Benz SLS Ride On Car has a 6V battery. The design of this SLS is very astonishing. It has the large wheels which provide a super grip. The color of this product is very pleasant. It has a black seat which gives a superb look. The LED light makes this SLS more gorgeous. The exterior look of this car looks marvelous.  It has MP3 facilities. The remote control function is also available for excellent steering. It is for both boys and girls. The weight of this product is 30lb.

Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Ride On is a fantastic car. The look is very much edgy. The excellent LED light of this SLS makes the car beautiful. It comes with 6V battery and charger. This fantastic product is available in three colors red, white and silver. It has MP3 player input. This product comes with the fully remote control system. Also, it has working front lights and turns signals. The horn, engine sound and volume control provide a realistic feel. The Seatbelt is very adjustable. It also has foot pedal accelerator. The weight capacity is 55lbs. 30 to 45 minutes is required for assembling.

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