Moony Diapers are Perfect for your delicate, newborn baby!

Soft and perfectly snug with no need to worry about leakage

The world's first!*The ultra-dimensional form fits perfectly to your baby's body frame!
Rounded fit that is not overly tight


New cMoony diapersurvy form that matches your baby's round body!
Tightening on the waist of babies that walk about has been cut by about 50%!Wraps very gently!


  • ★1 Comparison with our conventional products (assumed values for S size)
  • ★2 There are individual differences depending on the baby's body type and how the diapers are put on.
  • *1 Disposable diaper with angular structure formed by the stretch sheets around the waist and crotch and the cut portion formed in the absorber.
  • *2 Unicharm research in September 2012 on tape-type baby diapers from major global brands

No Leakage From Liquid Stools

The diaper stretches according to the baby's position, even when held in your arms or during breast-feeding. Guards against leaks by fitting snugly without being too tight!


A gentle but snug fit for any baby, regardless of the size of the baby's legs! Feels great and comfy for the baby, even when squirming or wriggling legs! 



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