New Sport BMW i8 Style Red

Car for kids with RC & LED Wheels

$ 289.99 $ 499.99

Power Wheels BMW Style Red

The New 2017 BMW i8 Kid Car in Red is the perfect gift for any kid who’s into cars. Who says your kid isn’t old enough to drive? With the BMW i8 ride on car 12v, your child can make all their car-related dreams come true.

The exterior of i8 Power Wheels has been exclusively designed to make it look like the real deal. The BMW i8 childrens car is like a miniature version of the original and features tons of things to enhance playtime. The comfortable seats of Power Wheels BMW ensure that your kid doesn’t complain about back pain once they’re done playing. They can also make sure of the MP3 jack to blast the kind of music they want to listen to. The entire BMW i8 ride on car 12V has been created to provide your child the atmosphere as if they own an actual car.

The BMW i8 power wheels version for kids also takes safety seriously. The BMW i8 childrens car features seatbelts and a parenting remote control to ensure your kid remains out of harm during playtime. What’s great about this little power wheels BMW is that it fosters hand to eye coordination at an early age.

Play with your kid as they make imaginary trips to the mall or create an obstacle course for them to have adventures in. I8 power wheels is the perfect way to bond with your child.

The Safety Features Of BMW i8 Kid Car Include:

  1. A Fixable Seat-belt
  2. A Parenting Remote Controller so you can have full control of the BMW i8 Style Red while your child plays
  3. And i8 childrens car features Lockable Doors

The I8 Power Wheels Interior Boasts:

  1. Exclusive details that will your child think they’re riding the real thing.
  2. Real Painted Body of BMW i8 ride on car 12v that shines and glimmers.
  3. Horn and Engine Sounds for a more immersive playing experience.
  4. A MP3 Input so your kid can enjoy the music they want to listen to.
  5. A Foot Pedal and Speaker to enhance overall enjoyment.

The BMW I8 Ride On Car 12v Exterior Features:

  1. ABC plastic that is durable and yet safe for your kid.
  2. LED lights.
  3. Actual Mirrors.
  4. Switchblade Doors that enhance the cool factor.
  5. LED Wheels for visual fun with i8 power wheels.

Performance: The BMW i8 childrens car Red operates on 2 x 6V 25 Watt motors, and a 12V/7AH Rechargeable Battery. The battery charger is included. This power wheels BMW can offer your kid four full hours of enjoyment. You also don’t have to worry about them driving fast as it only goes at a speed of 4 mph (Front, Reverse). The BMW i8 kid car is one of the perfect little vehicles you can get for your kid.

Recommended for: The BMW i8 ride on car 12v is suitable for kids aged 2 to 6 years old and weighing up to 50 lbs.

Specifications: The i8 power wheels comes in at 42”x22/14” inches and weighs 40 lbs. The dimensions and weight make BMW i8 childrens car possible for you to pick it up and store it away when it’s not in use.

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