LaFerrari 12V - Yellow

LaFerrari Toy Car Yellow Is For Kids To Ride Under the Sun!

Do you want to see your kid smile and know that they too can drive a car? Of course, you aren’t supposed to hand them your actual car keys, but with the Ferrari kids car you can sure make your kid’s dreams come true. Allow them to live their fantasies as a racecar driver with the Yellow LaFerrari 12V power ride on car soft.

They can take this four-wheeler around the backyard, the lawn or even the pavement (under supervision) as they zoom and have an amazing time. Worried about their safety? Don't be. The LaFerrari toy car comes with a seatbelt that is sure to keep your kid safe while driving. The switchblade doors are also lockable. Furthermore, the windshield and the front of the LaFerrari 12V power ride on cars are durable enough to handle some nasty bumps. The seat is comfortable as well, so your kid won't complain about the plastic hurting them.

You will also get a parental remote control. With this remote you can control the Yellow Ferrari kids car ride the way you want. Even if your little one isn’t good at making turns yet, or even reversing the car out a spot, the remote control is there to help continue their fun-filled playtime.

The exterior and the interior of LaFerrari toy car have been meticulously designed. The whole thing resembles an actual LaFerrari in yellow, and your kid will love you for it. There are even tiny exhausts in the rear to complete the look. You'll also notice Ferrari's iconic logos on the car too. The cool butterfly switchblade doors are designed for easy access.

If you have been looking for the perfect gift that is tons of fun, safe and promotes learning, then this is the one for you. Driving LaFerrari 12V power ride on car will also help enhance your child's hand to eye coordination.

The Safety Features of Ferrari Kids Car Include:

  1. Worried about safety? It features an easy-to-use Seat-belt.
  2. You have control over the Yellow LaFerrari toy car while your kids play through the Parenting Remote Control.
  3. Both switchblade doors are lockable.

Interior Boasts:

  1. The dashboard is highly detailed, with little knobs and buttons.
  2. The body is pained (non-toxic), allowing the little ride to catch anyone’s eye.
  3. Your kid will have hours of fun with the featured Horn and Engine Sounds.
  4. The Foot Pedal Ferrari kids car also emits sound.
  5. Features a high-quality MP3 Input jack for playing music while your kid rides the car.

The Exterior Features of LaFerrari Toy Car:

  1. Two Switchblade doors that allow easy access.
  2. Made from durable and kid-friendly ABC plastic.
  3. High quality LED lights.
  4. Real Mirrors to enhance overall feel.

Performance: The LaFerrari 12V power ride on car in Yellow is able to offer 4 mph in speed (both reverse and forward). This little sports car replica for kids uses 2 x 6V 25 Watt motors to operate. The 12V/7AH battery is rechargeable. You won’t have to worry about the battery running out of juice because a charger is included. With only a single full charge, your kid can drive around in this impressive Ferrari kids car for up to four hours.

Recommended for: The Ferrari kids car is recommended for kids aged 2 to 5 years old. This durable one-seater car can carry 50 lbs. in weight.

Specifications: The dimensions of the LaFerrari toy car for kids is 50” x 24” x 15” inches. It weighs around 40 lbs.

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