Remote Control Cars

Remote control cars for kids are probably the best gift for a child at his birthday. Not only these cars are stylish, but they come with an array of real life like features. All these things make the remote control ride on car possibly the best ride on the gift that a child would have every got in his or life. However, as like any other gift for the kids, you need to be sure about certain aspects of the remote control ride on toys as well. That will ensure that the safety of the child is not compromised while he is playing with the remote control ride on car.

Size of the car

One of the most important factors to consider while buying remote control cars for kids is the size of the car Vis-à-vis the age of the child. If the recipient of the gift is a toddler, you may not want to select RC ride on cars which would have speeds as high as 6 mph.

Safety features

In electric cars for kids with the remote control, the parent is not in direct contact with the child as like in other toy options. Hence, it is important that the safety features are being looked into properly. Remote control cars for toddlers with lockable doors are ideal for a child who would be riding the toy alone. That would give the parent the comfort and relief that no matter what, the child would not be falling out of the car while enjoying a ride on it.

Seat belts should also be included in the parental control ride on cars and they should be adjustable as well. The adjustability of the seat belt is required as that would ensure that the child is properly fastened irrespective of the fact that he is fat or a thin child.

Other features to watch out for

As you spend quite a good amount of money on remote control power wheels, you would certainly want the best of the features to get added to these ride-on toys. Many people go by the exterior aesthetics, and do not get into too much intricacy when it comes to select a car with the best features. There is no match to kids rides on remote control car which come with features like:

  • Wheels that are designed so realistically that they look almost real
  • Rear mirrors to make it more realistic
  • Headlights and backlights at the front and rear of the electric cars for kids with remote control - No car would ever look real without them.
  • Availability of a storage trunk in the remote control ride on car. Your little one may need to put in a few things while he goes out on a ‘long drive’.
  • Higher run time. If the battery runs down more often, that will certainly hinder the enjoyment of your child.

The frequency of the remote control

This is possibly the most ignored factor, but by larger means the most important one. Most ride on cars with remote control run at a frequency of 27 MHz or 49 MHz. If you are buying two remote controlled cars that are to be operated in the same house or same premises, you should be selecting remote controlled cars with two different frequencies. That will ensure that there is no interference issue with the frequencies of the remote control cars for girls or boys.

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