XMX-815 Cherry

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XMX-815 cherry kids ride on toy

 Do you have a little kid at home obsessed with cars and key? Are you tired of finding your car keys because your kid won’t leave them alone? If so, we have a solution for you, buy your kid the best present ever. New XMX-815 cherry is perfect for both girls and boys, the stylish color is not only attractive but the advance quality of the car will convince you to buy yourself a real deal. If you like to treat your kids and surprise them every now and then, then this is the dream gift for your child. This XMX-815 kids’ ride on toy will change the life of your child; it has perfect features that are user-friendly.

This electric ride on car has a dual control system; this car is total parental friendly and luxury safety that is so much important. It provides complete control through a small paddle and steering wheel; it is easy to control and if you still think you need more protection for your child you can use parental remote control. You can easily move the XMX-815 cherry forward, backward, turn it right or left according to your need with the help of the remote, it is extremely easy to control. The kids’ ride on toy is designed by professionals keeping in mind about everything a real driver needs what is one thing we all do while we drive? We love to jam with the music, this electric ride on car has an MP3 input feature and you can totally play the music. The volume in this XMX-815 car is adjustable so, you don’t have to worry about the annoying music at your home. You can plug in your iPod or just install an SD card there is a room for all. There are LED lights in front and back making it easy to drive at night. There is actual key in this kids’ ride on toy, once you put the key into the ignition, it produces engine sound just like an original car. There is horn to help the pedestrian know, this is perfect if you have a pet at home, you can also take the car outside. It is very safe with a seat belt, comfortable seats, and adjustable space. XMX-815 cherry is stylish and the paint is perfect and done by professionals. It is suitable for children from 2-6 years old, not only it has a standard size but also it has a 12v battery. This kids’ ride on toy can tolerate almost 60 LB load that is perfect for kids. With everything attached and the features involved, it is a great toy car, it is safe, stylish and affordable. The quality of the electric ride on car along with the advance specification is a great deal as compared to the other toy cars in the market. XMX815 cherry kids’ ride on toy has opening doors that are perfect to help the child get out of the car, unlike other toy cars it is not congested at all and quite spacious. Everything in this car is professionally made after analyzing the practicality and its effect on the quality of the toy



Dual Drive System Remote and manual control

Recommended Age: 2-6 Years Old,

Max Weight Supported: 50 lbs,

Speed: Around 2-3 Mph,

Real Paint & Unique Design,

Led Lights (Headlights, Taillights, Wheel Lights),

Opening Doors, Adjustable Seatbelt, 1 Comfortable Seat,

Key Ignition,

Engine & Horn Sounds,

Preloaded Music, Mp3 Connection

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