XMX-815 White

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XMX-815 White Toy Car For Kids

 When you have kids, the best toy they want nowadays is either a mobile or a tablet, it is very important to bring back the games that we use to play. We need to bring back the games that kids can play outside, XMX-815 children electric car has taken a step to develop a fun way that not only involves technology but also involves physical exercise. Who doesn't love a fine car? If you have a kid at home obsessed with cars, you need to get him the best gift anyone can ever have in their life, a toy car for kids. XMX-815 White is not only fun to have but also the most stylish toy car anyone can possibly have.

XMX815 toy car for kids is the name associated with comfort, luxury, and quality in their 12 volt remote control ride on cars. The children’s electric car is designed by professionals with all the features that a child can possibly look for, not only this but they have tried their best to design it like a real car. From user-friendly design to full control panel and even perfect finishing and paint, XMX-815 has done everything to make it look better than every other toy car in the market; it is a true example of style. From the stylish exterior to luxurious and smooth interior, everything is perfectly styled and designed. With stretchable seat belt, soft and comfortable seats along with sound system everything is perfect. It has headlights that help the child to drive it in the daytime as well as nighttime. The toy car for kids also has an MP3 jack; so that you can play music, you can even play some nursery rhymes. The best use is to put the music this way you can track the distance by hearing the sound, if the song is too low you can simply guess your child is not around. If you are giving a second thought to the purchase, you need to know how safe it is. The children’s electric car has a seatbelt as well as parenting remote control, you can move it forward, and backward left and right just the way you want. The door is lockable and you can open them whenever you need. The interior is highly detailed, the painted body is really just like the actual car, and it has a horn, which is a great option if you have other kids or pets at home. This toy car for kids has a battery of 12v, which is enough if your child wants to play for 4 hours. The remote control is not the only option; there is a foot pedal as well as the steering wheel that provides full control of the vehicle without any problem. This toy car for kids is made up of durable material and there are LED lights with actual mirrors on the front and back. It is suitable for the age of 2 to 5 years old, the control system is extremely easy to handle and learn that a child can handle it without any problem.


Specifications of XMX-815 children’s electric car:

 Dual Drive System Remote and manual control

Recommended Age: 2-6 Years Old,

Max Weight Supported: 50 lbs,

Speed: Around 2-3 Mph,

Real Paint & Unique Design,

Led Lights (Headlights, Tail Lights, Wheel Lights),

Opening Doors, Adjustable Seat Belt, 1 Comfortable Seat,

Key Ignition,

Engine & Horn Sounds,

Preloaded Music, Mp3 Connection

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