Bentley GTC 12V Black

My Tiny Wheels

$ 279.99 

Why You Need the Bentley Power of Wheels for Your Kids

Now growing up the dream was to own a car that exemplifies character and style. For kids its good old fashion fun, kids also love the finer things in life. The Bentley 12v is a high performing toy car that gives your child control as well as the parent. You can easily control the toy car using the remote control that comes with it.

Bentley ride on looks and sounds like a real car to give your child the best driver feeling. With the Bentley power of wheels your child gets to practice his/her motor skills as well as have fun. It’s more than a toy car but a whole new experience altogether.


This ride on car is fitted with leather adjustable seats with a seatbelt to keep your young one safe and secure. Its most commonly referred to as Bentley 12v matchbox car because of its low capacity can carry children of up to 55lbs. An exciting feature of the Bentley power of wheels is the ignition key that gives it the real car feeling including sound. Brake pedals in the Bentley ride on allows your child to ride without your help but if you child is not tall enough you can use the remote control for reverse and forward motions.


Toy Bentley ride on cars are made with exact replication of the real Bentley original cars. The exterior of the Bentley 12v is sleek with LED lights that actually work. The car door opens to the outside including its own shiny knob. Its glossy white color gives it a cool color finish. Rear lights and indicators on the car entice your child’s imagination. Your child will experience the Bentley ride on just like the real car.


You may think that 3mp/h is slow but with the Bentley power of wheels is fast paced for your 2-5 year old driver. Please ensure you recharge the battery after use to keep it lasting for longer, this one of the best features of the toy Bentley ride on. The Bentley 12v ignition key starts the car and makes the rear and front lights work. With a power indicator you can easily see when the car needs recharging.

It’s a popular car that comes with excellent features, unisex; you can purchase the licensed Bentley 12v for your child now. Easy to use and assemble doesn’t need a technician, just follow the manual instructions and you are good to go.

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