Bentley GTC 12V White

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$ 289.99 

Hone The Driving Skills with This White Remote Controlled Bentley

Bentley for kid’s car is designed with features that are safe for use for kids between 2 to 5 years. Remote controlled Bentley cars are easy to operate not just for the parent but kids as well. As a parent you can enjoy seen your children ride on car Bentley using the brakes or if they are too short offer to reverse and forward with the remote control.

The Bentley kid’s car is designed to fit your 2-5 year old perfectly, the seat has a safety belt to keep them safe as they ride. Now the white Bentley for kids is well designed with flawless creativity to give that ride-on car original look. So if you are into white cars then this kid’s car will tickle not just your fancy but your child as well.

If you are ready to hone your child’s driving skills then here is why this is the best startup car:-


The remote controlled Bentley comes with real usable brakes that your child can actually use. Although the brakes are well placed in the car, not all kids are tall enough; you can use the remote control for reverse and forward movements. 12v kid’s car comes with a rechargeable battery, be sure to recharge it for optimal use. Wheels on the Bentley for kid’s car are well aligned to the car size for proper support and experience. With a special ignition key kids can put the car on to give realistic car sound.


The car seat is made from leather to keep your child comfortable and comes with an adjustable seat belt. Comes with a steering wheel for easy use, your child can remain in control. The ride on car Bentley experience is like no other with the dashboard filled with control panels giving an even realistic look.


White Bentley for kids is appealing to the eye. With easy to open doors for easy access makes the ride on car Bentley even more realistic. It has side mirrors and rear flash lights that work when the ignition is turned on. Complete with a bumper sticker with the words Bentley on the back, this toy car is a complete masterpiece.

This car for kids is great value for money and gives your child the freedom to ride on. Its safety features will make any parent secure in letting their children enjoy their first ride on the remote controlled Bentley car.

The white remote controlled Bentley car is a great choice for your child. Get yours today and make play a special time for your kids.

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