Convertible Crib Basic To Single Bed

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$ 389.99 $ 599.99

All parents sooner or later face the choice of beds for their beloved baby. If you want to choose the best and the most convenient cot bed - this one is exactly for you. This multifunctional convertible baby cot is designed for the children from the very birth.

The bed is made of solid beech wood which is environmentally friendly and absolutely safe for your child’s health. There’s an opportunity to choose the mattress height level or you can easily remove rods to let your child leave and enter his bed safely.

The bed’s construction allows parents transform the cot bed into a junior bed, when the child grows up.

The bed is equipped with a special slats which create the ventilation of the mattress.

Environmental friendliness, ease of use and durability are definite advantages of this cot bed.


Material - natural wood

Dimensions - L 48.2 x W 25.8 x H 34 in 

Mattress - included

4 mattress height level regulations

3 removable rods

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