Jaguar Push Car 6V Red

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Jaguar Push Car Red

Children growth requires a lot of visual, mental and physical activities. Jaguar push car red is an all-around toy that will benefit your kid with all events. Jaguar ride on 6V for kids toy car safety features include adjustable safety belt and a right balance of the car to avoid tilting or to fall off in the event of a collision. The licensed push car for toddlers improves the mobility of the child and helps him or her to play independently. However, adult supervision is required.  There is a handle at the back of Jaguar push car red for parental control.


Unlike the electric cars, push cars do not have a remote and therefore more parental care is needed on the licensed push car for toddlers. The protection of the Jaguar ride on 6V kids toy car is excellent. There are no chances of getting hurt in the event of tilting or collision? Jaguar push car red has adjustable seat belts, and it is highly recommended to buy the right size of licensed push car for toddlers for your baby. Most of the toys are light for easy mobility and a working steer wheel to help the baby drive around.


Push cars are recommended for 1 to 3 years of age children. Jaguar ride on 6V kids toy car has preloaded music at the steering to entertain the baby. It has a durable body and real car paint to keep it appealing. Jaguar push car red has storage below the seat for more toys. Licensed push car for toddlers including Jaguar ride on 6V kids toy car improves your child thinking skills, eye coordination, confidence, and creativity. Outdoor playtime with this toy car also helps the kid become independent.

When selecting a licensed push car for toddlers, go for a choice with a substantial base for proper balancing. Jaguar push car red is easy to use and have fun. The parent should help the child navigate around by use of the hand bar at the back. This little car is available online. Add it to your cart for a favorable pocket-friendly budget and improve your child’s growth.  


Main Material: PP

Product dimension: 30.7” x 16.1” x 19.3”.

Load Limit: 55 lbs

Suitable Age: 1-5 Years Old

Transmit/Receive Frequency: 2.4G

Charger Voltage: DC 6V-500mA

Motor: 1x8W

Remote Distance: 15 M

Speed: 2 mph

Battery: 6V-4.5AH (Included)

Remote Control Battery is included.

Charging Time: 6-8 hours

Playing Time: 50 minutes

Weight: 17.6 lbs

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