Jaguar Push Car 6v White

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Jaguar Push Car White

Licensed push car for kids is becoming a favorite play toy for children between one to three years of age. While shopping, you may not know what to buy for your child. Jaguar push car white is ideal for both girl and boy child. The wagon is manufactured of a high plastic body, therefore, making Jaguar ride on for toddlers’ toy car durable and withstand abuse.  Jaguar push car white is suitable for outdoor rides exposing the baby to more world activities. Maximum adult supervision is required while the baby rides.


Kid’s concentration can be interrupted within a second, and an incident happens. Jaguar ride on for toddlers’ toy car has adjustable seat belts to keep your baby fastened while riding. The wheels are sturdy with a heavy base for balance improvement on licensed push car for kids. There should be minimal tipping over or corrosion for this push car. There is a push bar at the back for ease of parental control. The back edge of Jaguar push car white is high making the journey comfortable for the baby.


Jaguar ride on for toddlers toy car does not only provide fun for your child but also helps the baby achieve some milestones. There is pleasure in letting your child experience the outdoor activities that build his mind. When kids ride on licensed push car for kids, they improve their focus and concentration. Do not take the riding skills for granted; there is enhanced logical thinking while riding Jaguar push car white and good confidence building. 

Parental guidance is needed during riding sessions. The control bar at the back of Jaguar ride on for toddler’s toy cars helps the parent restrain the little driver. Always buy the correct size of a push car for your child. The adjustable seat belt will keep the baby stable and in position if the car size is correct. Licensed push car for kids’ mobility is improved because of their lightweight. There is storage below the seat to put more toys. If you need this Jaguar push car white, go online to add to your cart.


Main Material: PP

Product dimension: 30.7” x 16.1” x 19.3”.

Load Limit: 55 lbs

Suitable Age: 1-5 Years Old

Transmit/Receive Frequency: 2.4G

Charger Voltage: DC 6V-500mA

Motor: 1x8W

Remote Distance: 15 M

Speed: 2 mph

Battery: 6V-4.5AH (Included)

Remote Control Battery is included.

Charging Time: 6-8 hours

Playing Time: 50 minutes

Weight: 17.6 lbs

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