Kevin Single Bed For Kid

Garage Number 1

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Your child needs an undisturbed, sweet dream as well as a balanced diet and fresh air. The baby can not feel awake and active without having rest, so one of the priorities for the parents is to create the most comfortable and healthy environment for sleep.

This convenient and reliable Kevin bed with a hard base provides maximum comfort for the child during sleep.

This bed is a perfect choice for a small room as its hidden places to sleep allow children organize enough space for a variety of action games. To save space, the lower bed is pushed under the top one.

The bed is made of durable materials which are resistant to moisture, UV light and mechanical stress.


Material: Natural Wood

The mattresses - included 

Bedding container - included



Width: 77,1 in

Depth: 34,6 in

Height: 31,4 in

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