Lamborghini Licensed Ride On Car With Leather Seat

My Tiny Wheels

$ 399.00 

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The children's car is equipped with a leather seat and four wheels suspension that will provide the smoothness of the car. The electric car will delight your child because it is so similar to an adult car of the same brand. A beautiful shiny exterior and an open-top make the model very stylish. The speed of the car is very fast and reaches 4 mph. Both you and your child can listen to music that is controlled by a multimedia system. A kid can drive himself/herself, or can simply enjoy a trip while parents control it using a remote. There is no need to worry about safety because there are safety belts – all the features as in an adult's car. The electric car is equipped with four plastic wheels and the rear ones are driving. Please ensure before purchase that car's dimensions are compatible with your kid’s height and weight.

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