Merries Pants, L 44 pcs. (19-30lbs)


$ 28.99 $ 44.99

Merries Pants fit snugly and softly around baby's tummy and thighs without any gaps, thus preventing leakage. This unique design allows the diaper to stay in place no matter how active the baby is. The new curved shape fits the diaper perfectly around baby's bottom!

The Light Airy Wavy Mesh inside the diaper is incredibly breathable, drawing moisture out through the recessed areas.

Heat around the waist is released directly through the gap between the waist gathers and baby's skin.

The entire outer sheet is breathable. Micro airy channels release heat - and nothing else!

2.5 times stretch* means a perfect fit that is not too tight on baby's tummy

Diaper change has never been so easy! Effortless with 2.5 times more stretchiness. A totally new shape that makes Merries Pants even more fitting and easier to put on.

Weight of child: 19-30lbs
Quantity per pack: 44 pieces

Made by Kao Corporation in Japan

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