Moony Diapers, NB 90 pcs. (0-11lbs)


$ 28.99 $ 44.99

Perfect for your delicate, newborn baby! The ultra-dimensional form fits perfectly to your baby's body frame! Rounded fit that is not overly tight.

The elastic bands in front and at the back protect from leaks, keeping the baby comfortable. The diapers have the filling indicator, and they are easy to use. Opting for functional and highly quality diapers Moony's, you will provide maximum care for your baby.

About the product

  • Air Fit: Soft and perfectly snug with no need to worry about leakage
  • Movement: Soft and perfectly snug for both thin and hefty babies so there are no gaps that cause leaks even for actively moving babies!
  • Flexible soft stretch: The new material that feels as comfortable as cloth fits gently along with the movement of the baby
  • Easy stool clean-up: It is easy to remove without getting your hands dirty, just lay the baby down and rip the stitches on the side with the roll-up tape
  • 5 designs: Cute Winnie the Pooh design

Weight of child: 0-11 lbs
Quantity per pack: 90 pieces

Made by Unicharm Corporation in Japan

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