Moony Pants boys, L 44 pcs. (19-30lbs)


$ 28.99 $ 44.99

About the product

  • Air Fit: Soft and perfectly snug with no need to worry about leakage
  • Movement: Soft and perfectly snug for both thin and hefty babies so there are no gaps that cause leaks even for actively moving babies!
  • Flexible soft stretch: The new material that feels as comfortable as cloth fits gently along with the movement of the baby
  • Easy stool clean-up: It is easy to remove without getting your hands dirty, just lay the baby down and rip the stitches on the side with the roll-up tape
  • 5 designs: Cute Winnie the Pooh design

Weight of child: 19-30 lbs
Quantity per pack: 44 pieces

Made by Unicharm Corporation in Japan

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