Range Rover Evoque - Black

Car for kids with RC & LED Wheels

$ 389.99 

Range Rover Evoque toy Black

 While owning a sports car has its perks, one can’t deny the force that a remote control Range Rover Evoque is able to exude. Allow your little kid to feel powerful as they drive around in their own Range Rover Evoque Toy. This black vehicle has been modeled after the real thing (a 1:4 scale of the original) and has been specifically designed to offer a safe driving experience for any child.

The Range Rover Evoque Ride On car boasts tons of features and an impressive performance to provide fun to your kids and good value for the money you spent. The children's Range Rover Evoque toy 12V boasts alloy-look wheels. The steering wheel of the remote control Range Rover Evoque is also of high quality. Your kid will feel as if they're driving an actual SUV.

The dashboard has a realistic key start. Just turn a quarter turn and get to hear actual sounds of the engine starting up. The Range Rover Evoque ride on car can be driven by using the pedal, or you can operate it with the accompanying parental control. 

The Range Rover Evoque toy car comes with numerous features covering safety, interior, exterior, and performance.

Safety Features

  1. The Range Rover Evoque Ride On has an adjustable seat belt.
  2. You can also use the high-quality parenting remote controller of the Range Rover Evoque toy.
  3. All of the doors are lockable.

Interior Features

  1. Highly detailed dashboard
  2. Sounds for the engine and horn.
  3. An MPX aux for playing music
  4. Easy to use Foot Pedal
  5. High quality loudspeaker

Exterior Features of Range Rover Evoque Ride On

  1. Made from ECO ABC plastic
  2. Highly detailed, realistic wheels
  3. Wheels have an impressive chrome-like finish
  4. Efficient LED lights
  5. Pain job replicates the real model
  6. Actual rear mirrors

Performance: The remote control Range Rover Evoque has a 12V motor along with a 12V/7AH rechargeable battery. It has a 4 mph reverse as well as forward speed. Your little one can drive it for 2 hours on a single charge.

Recommended: This remote control Range Rover Evoque Black is meant for kids aged two to five years.

Specifications: The measurements of the Range Rover Evoque toy car come in at 50x23x16 inches. The overall weight is around 44 lbs. A bit of assembling is required. But it shouldn't take you more than ten to fifteen minutes.

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