Range Rover Evoque - Red

My Tiny Wheels

$ 389.99 

Safety Features: Adjustable Seat Belt, Parenting Remote Controller

 Interior: Exquisitely detailed, Horn and Engine sounds, Foot Pedal and Loud Speaker.

 Exterior: ECO ABC plastic, Realistically Detailed Wheels, Chrome Like Wheels, LED lights, Real-Like Car Paint, Rear Mirrors.

 Motor12V motor, 12V/7AH Battery, Speed 4 mph (Front, Reverse), Rechargeable Battery (Charger included), Run time up to 2 hours

 Ages: 2-5 Years old


This licensed Range Rover Evoque comes with LED lights, remote  control, 12V motor, and original car paint job.

The car is a realistic 1:4 scale of its road going big brother. The kids 12v Evoque has amazing alloy look wheels and a quality steering wheel that looks just like a real jeep. It has a realistic key start on the dashboard, turn a quarter turn, and hear the authentic engine start-up sounds. The car can be used with the normal in-car controls, using the pedal with the forwards/reverse gears and steering wheel, or can optionally be used remotely with the parental control. 


*Assembly Required. (10-15 minutes).

Assembled Dimensions: 50x23x16 in

Vehicle weight: 44 lbs

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