TomRide 240 ATV - Blue & Yellow

Garage Number 1

$ 1,300.00 

If your kid is no longer interested in ride-on cars and you are looking for a great present for her/him, ATV TomRide 240 quad bike will satisfy all kids and their parents. Parents will definitely love chainless gearbox transmission, hind wheelie stopper, a separate parent’s 3 speeds key for parents to control the speed and electronic gear of the ATV. Children will appreciate fast and safe ride on the quad bike.  

Volt: 24 V 20 Amp batteries (2 batteries of 12 V 20 Amp)

Watt: 500 W brushless motor

Distance: more than 50 minutes of continuous use on high-speed level

Speed: 4 mph, 8 mph, 16 mph

Dimensions (length/ height / wide): 51 / 30 / 30 inch

Battery charge time: up to 12 hours

Speed control: separate parent key enables 3 speed limitations

Chainless motor: safe mechanical environment for the young rider

Hydraulic brake system: designed especially for kids

Brake sensor: immediate stop when brake handle is pressed

Electronic gear: shifts only in complete stop

Professional tubeless tires: 6 inch off-road tire

Adjustable suspension system: for any terrain with any rider

Rider max weight of 170 Lbs

Roll over bar: secure the young rider

Flag 47 inch: improve eye contact with the young rider

 Adjustable handlebars: for the perfect riding position

Rear carrier rack

LED light

Ages: from 6 years and up

No licensing requirements

Full warranty cover for any manufacturing defects for 4 months


  • ELECTRIC BRUSHLESS & CHAINLESS MOTOR. Enhancing motor power & safety. Minimum long-term maintenance.
  • SAFE RIDE. Every part designed with kid’s safety in mind
  • SMART CONTROLERS. Tacking the TomRide to its maximum performance.
  • COMMITTED TO QUALITY. We apply the highest manufacturing, QA and service standards.

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