R8 Series Hoberboard 8 inches | White


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R8 Series Electric Hover Board with 8 inches wheels, Bluetooth speakers, and LED lights. This is a BIG boy in the market of hover boards. This model got everything that is needed to move in style. Loud speakers controlled through Bluetooth will allow you to enjoy listening to your best hits on the go.

Easy To Learn and Use!
Loud Speakers
All movements are detected by Smart Sensors
Lightweight & Strong Aluminum Build

Product Specifications:

- 4400mAh Samsung - Top speed 15 km/h / 10 mile/h
- Climbing ability up to 15 degrees
- Distance from the ground 30MM / 1"
- 2 x 350W motors, 2 x gyroscopes,and 2 x gravity accelerators
- LED lights on the sides
- Bluetooth controlled speakers
- Sound Warring For Low Battery
- Inflatable tires, zero turning radius ability, and incredible maneuverability
- Max loading weight 125kg / 275lbs
- Battery life is up to 20km / 12 miles
- Charging time 60-90 minutes
- Product weight: 12kg / 28lbs lithium battery
- Motor power 36 Volt 2 x 450W motors
- 8 inches wheels

- Package weight: 16kg / 32lbs
- Product size (L x W x H): 58x21x22cm / 23"x8"x9"
- Package size (L x W x H): 60x24x25cm / 24"x9"x10"

Box includes:

- Self Balance Electric HoverBoard
- Charging Adapter
- Free Carrying Case
- English Manual

*Standing pads' color may vary

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