XMX-826 Black

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XMX-826 Black Power of Wheel

The XMX826 electric toy car new model is designed for kids not to miss the fun and drive their way around in their own car with fun. This battery operated car is a complete package to get their hands on this little beast. The kids who have always been car lovers will fall in love with this glamorous car for kids.

This black power of wheels has been designed like the real car in order to give the feeling of the original metal. Now the kids can get a feel of Boom Boom as this electric toy car comes with an mp3 jack in there to make them groove to the beats. This battery operated car will add more fun to their playtime and they will enjoy more with their friends while playing.

This black power of wheel helps to make the little drivers responsible and helps them develop hand to eye coordination at an early stage. This muscle coordination also helps them excel in sports. With all the loaded features, this toddler’s car is also designed to keep the ride safe.

How the XMX826 black power of wheel keeps your child safe?

This electric toy car has been blended in such a way that the toy ride on car keeps your child safe in all sorts of situations. This battery-operated car works on the ideal voltage, which keeps the car safe from any sort of voltage leak. The following features of this power of wheels model make it a joy ride for the parents as well as the children:

This car for kids comes with lockable doors facility, which keeps your children safe in their toy ride on car.

Now you do not have to worry as you can use the fixable seat belts for keeping your kids safe when they go on the electric toy car.

The battery operated car is further made safe as its remote controller has all the essential features for the parents to always feel secure about their children.

With an insulating plastic body and small power of this black power of wheels no parents will need to worry any current flow when their little ones are enjoying the ride on car.

Why is the XMX-826 car for kids a true Masterpiece?

When it comes to designing, there is no match for this premium electric car for kids. With shining body paint, this car is an eye candy to look at and it will bring a smile to every parents’ face when they see their little ones having fun in the ride on car.

This black power of wheels has been designed as closest as possible to the real car, it has actual mirrors and LED lights for the kids to enjoy to the fullest. In addition, this toy ride on car goes to a maximum speed of just 4 mph, so you do not have to worry about over-speeding with this electric toy car.

With its compact design, you can store it at any place and its lightweight nature makes it easily portable.

Operational and External Features:

The XMX-826 Black 6 volt motor comes with 2 x 6V 25 Watt motors, and a 12V/7AH Rechargeable Battery. It comes at 42”x22/14” inches and weighs just 40 lbs, which makes it easy to pick and store.

Designed for: This 6 volt car is the ideal gift for kids aged 2 to 5 years old weighing less than 50 lbs.


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