The Best Licensed Ride on Cars for Kids

Electric toy cars are exciting, well designed with sleek attractive colors. Different models come with different pros but one common feature is the remote control system. Battery ride on cars with soft wheels for kids are on a different league when it comes to toy cars, kids can ride in-house or outside. Most importantly is that it’s safe to use, with an adjustable seat belt your child can ride without been held.


Electric toy cars have built in safety features including the adjustable safety belt. Other than that the car is well aligned to keep it well grounded without tipping off. At 3-5mph it’s a safe speed for your child and you can easily slow them down using the remote control.

Here are the best ride on toy cars to choose from, each with its own unique selling point 12V ride on cars with soft wheels Mercedes, Range Rover ride on car, Ferrari ride on car, Bentley car for kids:

12V ride on Mercedes with LED wheels 

The Mercedes SL65 creators made an exact replica of the real Mercedes. Features of the ride on Mercedes comes with a plug-in and replicates real car sound when ignited. Its realistic lights give off the real Mercedes experience.  It has incredible build durable to last long. Safety comes first with the licensed battery ride on with soft wheels Mercedes, seat has adjustable seat belts to fit children of all sizes, as well as the wheels are balanced to give better grip as they ride on. In addition, your child can enjoy control by stepping on the pedal for forward and reverse motions. Moreover, these cars for toddlers come with big touch screen multimedia system that can play your child’s favorite videos.

Range Rover ride on with soft wheels

Range Rover Power Wheels

A replica of the original range rover the kid version range rover ride on car come with all exceptional features. You will be impressed with the interior; a dashboard is realistic complete with key start engine sound. The exterior paint job is well done and the ABC plastic is durable to withstand minor bumps. Alloy finish on the wheels gives it better grip keeping your child safe as they ride on. If that’s not enough the range rover with 12V battery ride on car with soft wheels seat is designed for comfort with adjustable seat belt.

Ferrari ride on car

Ferrari Power Wheels

If Ferrari is your dream car then the Ferrari ride on car for kids will entice your senses. With built in Mp3 you can download sounds and poems. The dashboard comes with ignition key to give off that car sound, a steering wheel to give your child control. In addition to this the Ferrari ride on car has brakes that works, giving your child complete control. On the exterior the doors can be locked keeping your child safe as they ride. A rechargeable battery on the Ferrari makes it even more powerful and long lasting. If you feel overwhelmed, by the experience use the remote control system to move the car in forward and backward motion.

Bentley car for kids

Bentley Power Wheels

The Bentley original car is not just a car it’s a replication of beauty and elegance, so is the Bentley car for kids. Branded Bentley toy car is great value for money, it’s durable, attractive and more importantly safe for kids. The dashboard comes complete with a steering wheel and ignition car sound engine to keep your kids excited. It comfortably fits kids between 2-5 years old and comes with adjustable seatbelt. The battery operated ride on cars with soft wheels on the Bentley car for kids are well balanced to give your child firmness as they ride on.


Electric toy cars are a great addition to your toy collection, not only will it enhance play time but also skill set. You can choose any of these cars on our website collections. At My Tiny Wheels we have an array of colors to choose from in our showroom or online store. Choose what you want from the best battery operated ride on cars with soft wheels and we will deliver for free.

How to improve your child’s creativity with battery power ride on cars

How to improve your child’s creativity with battery power ride on cars

Battery Power ride on cars

Did you know that the stage of growth is the time of learning behavior, coordination, integration of skills and thinking? So, to make your child’s life interesting and creative at the same time provide them with some battery powered vehicles to drive around and through watching her son's confidence grow for your beginning journey be a coach that guides your child with positive talk will increase the motivation and encouragement. There will be increase willing to try harder with you by his side after guiding him and helping him to understand the thing. Let your child enjoy the excitement, independence, and joy.

Battery Power ride on cars increase your child’s creativity. It is ultimately a phase we all go through. So let them enjoy to the maximum.

Following are the ways to improve your child’s creativity


When the kids handle different moments which are necessary for Battery Power ride on cars, they gain confidence in their abilities. Starting with petals, they move on to bicycles or getting full power over the bikes are all the goals they accomplish. When their confidence is entirely built up, they are ready to face the difficulties that arise in which they learn and grow.


If you have more than one child, of the same age, then you have faced the disputes while sharing things. That may not be important, but you have to teach your child about not being sick with your siblings or neighborhood kids. Let them settle their fights and disputes they get into, and they will learn to share.


Safety matters a lot before they start their ride make sure you teach them all the security measures, which they have to keep in mind. Show them how things work, e.g., brakes, steering. It is critical to making realize the importance of seat belts into your child, Once its smooth, its time to take them to the garden.

Encourage Exercise

Most of the people look at exercise as it is something unpleasant and painful just because they don't have the habit of using.

Starting kids with toys create a positive image of activity in their mind. In fact when the kids are moving their toys back and forth: their not just appreciating the sense of direction but are also applying. Growing children enjoy riding on toys; so, they won’t even realize they’re exercising, and it will develop as a habit to stay active.

The sense of Responsibility

Lastly, let us get them put their things together back in place. That will create a sense of responsibility. Forcing them to make it habit to put things back where they belong after using them. This will create an idea in their mind to put the things back to their place. They will also keep the house tidy and clean. battery power ride on cars are not just toys. They mold us into the individuals; we are today.

Style your child with 12V ride on cars with soft wheels

Style your child with 12V ride on cars with soft wheels

HOW TO LOOK COOL WITH THE 12V ride on cars with soft wheels

When the kids are under the age of 6, they want to hang around with us, hold our hands, cuddle with us. They grow fast, and when they cross 6, it`s time to make a freestyle for them. They want to be different and unique. That goes for their clothes, accessories, and devices.

If you want to make your child's life more interesting, provide them with 12V ride on cars with soft wheels to drive around and through Battery operated toys not only help your child to learn directions but will also increase in their sensorimotor system and modify their behavior also Research has shown that growing child find out more through battery-operated ride on cars.

Styling your child with ride on cars with soft wheels will not only improve them in their learning skills but will also develop many other behaviors.

Fresh pictures of kids with their toy rides

Children should take pictures because it makes memories of them to see when they are old and so they could show off in front of their friends and it helps them build their self-esteem and then they will be known as the cool kids of the school.

As we all know every kid wants to be the cool kid in the school. Add posters of ride on cars in their room. You can also get bed sheets customized of ride on cars with soft wheels. Colour schemes can do accordingly. Take as many as pictures as you can. That is the way they will get attach to their devices, and it`s the first step of learning.

Customize the ride on cars with soft wheels

Attaching stickers or customizing ride on cars tells us about the kids, their interests and disinterests and also helps us know the child's favorite cartoon characters and tv shows. You can also add colors to the 12V ride on cars with soft wheels according to their favorite cartoon character like for girls you can have colors of Barbie and for boys customize it like Superman. You can add jeep wheels to them if your little one can handle them. You can boost the batteries as well to make the speed faster and more fun. You can also add balloons with them.

Matching clothes

Well as we all know kids, it's their age to live it all the moment so matching and doing what they want again helps the kids to have a happy lifestyle, They will be happy this way and light behavior of the child with develop.Dress them like their favorite Disney characters. Match their clothes according to the colors of their 12V ride on cars with soft wheels.

Buy them shirts which have toy rides printed of them. And to make it more fun get them customized with their picture printed on a shirt with their favorite tour ride. Shoes can also choose accordingly. That will not only get your children close to you but will also help to develop a habit of bonding with things related to them.

Arrange play dates with other kids

Arranging cool wheel parties at home will also make the children enjoy.Styling them according to their favorite ride on will increase their interests, and they will participate in more activities.

That will also improve the communications among the children and they will get to know that which time is for study and which one is to play. Get everything accordingly; the theme should be according to the ride on cars with soft wheels. Arrange the cards themed on the party with stickers on them.

That will attract the children. Order a customized cake of ride on car. Arrange great tracks In the garden including obstacles like baskets. That will help them to learn directions and how to drive the safely. Organize races.

Battery operatedride on cars with soft wheels teach various skills

The ride on cars not only enhance creativity but also teach your child about different skills like bonding with others, responsibility, directions, communications and other learning behaviors.Provide you child with the ride on car and make your child's life more interesting. 12V ride on cars with soft wheels teach them the art of learning.

They fix their time to play with the battery ride on cars with soft wheels; this will not only enhance their time management skills but will also increase the sensorimotor area of brain and thinking. It will develop confidence in them. Styling them with make them get to know the value of the things around them and they will get to know how to live in the society. Both society and they have a good impact on each other.

How to make a 12V Power ride on cars faster

How to make a 12V Power ride on cars faster

12V and 6V Power ride on cars improvements

The world we live in is constantly changing by the minute. Everyone wants to move with the times, and you can’t blame a child who wants his/her 12V Power ride on cars to go faster than it does so as to keep up with the trends.

There are some ways on how to modify 12V Power ride on cars. I will focus more on one that I do believe to be more efficient and immediate than the rest. The capacity, voltage or strength of a battery itself plays a significant role in achieving a faster speed.

Most Power ride on cars come with a 6-volt battery. The battery is usually in place for obvious reasons. This is to power a DC (direct current) motor so as to spin which therefore propels the run.

Our best option is to put two batteries in place of one. In this case, it will be two 6 volt batteries which total up to 12 volts. Now it would not take a genius to figure out that if the battery is doubled the motor will spin two times faster hence propelling the 12V Power ride on cars to go with as much speed.

The two batteries should be a matching air or of similar capability. If one is worn out, then we won’t get the desired results.


Firstly, you should identify a suitable spot for the extra battery to be placed. Connect the two batteries to ensure they have a universal connector. This ensures that we have a common source of power connecting to both the switch and the motor.

Secondly, ensure the polarity is correct. Keep in mind that both positive terminals on the battery have similar gender connectors. It is vital to use insulated connectors alone for the sake of the child’s safety. 

Thirdly, charge both batteries separately to full capacity, to ensure their effectiveness. While at it, you should make sure the extra battery is fixed solidly to avoid any inconvenience.

After going through all these steps, we are safe to say that we successfully have a high 12V Power ride on cars performance. 

Finally, other factors can contribute to a ride on going slower than desired. One of the issues can be exceeding the child’s recommended weight by the car, the surface on which the 12V Power ride on cars with is run on and worn out tires. Solving each of the problems stated above will also result to high-performance car.

HOW TO FIX A 12V and 6V ride on cars with soft wheels BATTERY

HOW TO FIX A 12V and 6V ride on cars with soft wheels BATTERY

Most 12V or 6V ride on cars with soft wheels owners enjoy an average of one or two years service from their ride on car's battery. This is equivalent to the half of the potential that the cells could carry during their manufacture. Therefore, the trick here relies on the off-season maintenance. With this in mind, this article touches on several pitfalls to avoid and the main steps that can be considered to prolong the life of your Ride on Car's Battery through the utilization of the 12V or 6V ride on cars with soft wheels battery charger in a proper way during the off-season. Presumably, it is a tale that recurs in garages particularly in summer. For instances, a child wants to drive and enjoy his 12V or 6V ride on cars with soft wheels Jeep, but the battery is dead. You try to plug in the charging connector, again. Unfortunately, the battery is completely dead to charge. With all the efforts to rig up some method to try and connect it to some 'smart' 12v battery, the battery seems to be dead too, so you probably end up stuck. Consequently, you spend some money to acquire a fresh ride on cars Battery, so that your child can enjoy his 'Jeep. '

Under those circumstances, you can figure out that the 12V or 6V ride on cars with soft wheels Battery could be dead and by the same token, you could rejuvenate it with this tip and trick.  Surprisingly, it involves, a pair of the wire cutter, this serves as a 'trickle charger but not a 'float' charger. This indicates that it supplies 12volts consistently at a minimum amperage to charge the battery slowly. Since that charger lacks circuitry to measure the level of the battery charge, it continues to charge. This the very reason the manufacturer warns and emphasize on charging the battery 24hours and not more. Unfortunately, no one remembers to take note of that, so the battery ends up overcharged, and also the possibility of being dead.

Besides, the 'float charger supplies a minimum battery amperage and includes circuitry which is capable of sensing when the battery if fully charged. As that happens, the battery stops charging, and it eventually starts monitoring the voltage. Interestingly, while the batteries voltage falls enough, the charger re-activates and refills it.

The main disadvantage of these 'smart chargers is that they can sometimes fail of indicating an 'ERROR LIGHT,' but sometimes they are brilliant for their good. With the female spade connectors crimped on the 12V or 6V ride on cars with soft wheels charging plug, one can 'piggy back' and charge it through parallel wiring using a separate 12V battery similar to the one used. Strangely enough, you need to hook up everything up and ensure the black 12V battery is fully charged to the point that the prosecution indicates its green 'full LED light.


Connect the positive connector from the 12V or 6V ride on cars with soft wheels plug to the fully charged 12V battery positive terminal, while the negative spade connector is attached to a negative terminal of the fully charged battery. Consequently, the 'thirsty' the ride on car battery will soon start drawing a minimal charge from the fully charged battery. Please ensure that the battery is below 12V before you launch the process, continue charging until the light turns green.

"Pimp My Ride On"

Pimp My Ride On

Our last Sunday went somewhat like this....

On Saturday we were invited by one of our customers to a ride on car show that was taking place on Sunday. Our team, along with our family, came to a park to see the event. We were surprised after what we saw there. Ride on cars were upgraded to the fullest.

Pimp My Ride On                          "New 4 speakers were installed into this Range Rover"

There were so many customized ride-ons, it made our heads spin just by looking around. This event was not just to show off cars, but to go out and have fun with nice people. "The purpose of the show to create a community of loving parents" - said Bianca the promoter of the Ride on Cars Show. Good music, smell of hot dogs cooking, laughter of kids playing, and nice company was the formula for that Sunday.

After some time passed by the host named Tavis call all contesters up to the stage in order to decide which ride on is the Number 1. When all cars lined up, team of judges walked around to make their final decisions.

Pimp My Ride On                                                 "Line up for nominations"

All of the contesters won a price, but the Number 1 place was chosen out of all electric ride on cars. The winner of the show and our hearts was the pink Bentley. A little creation of a single mom Jesse and her lovely daughter Brianna. They took their creativity and turned it into a trophy.

Pimp My Ride On             "Big Winner of the show and our hearts"

I would like to thank everyone that came to that show!

Safety first

Safety first

Why do we create all the technology? Some people do it for comfort, some do it to make life easier, but MyTinyWheels does it for safety. We think that our customers, your kids, are in need of safety when they enjoy our ride on cars. For your comfort and your child's safety we added a parenting remote control to each of our electric ride on cars.

Safety first

While your son or daughter enjoy their first car, you can just relax and enjoy reading a book or enjoy conversation with your friend. How is that possible? Our parenting remote control overwrites all the movements of the car remotely. Any time you see that you child's ride on car is heading towards danger or somewhere where you do not want your child to go, you have all the control of the car. This tiny adjustment that we added to our battery operated ride on cars with soft wheels made a big impact on an experience that our customers have with our battery powered ride-ons. We value safety of our product before anything, but we want your kids to have the same controlled freedom as you have on your car.

Ride on cars battery life

Ride on cars battery life
     With invention of plastic, all industries took advantage of it. Cars that were made out of heavy metal started to be modify in to plastic. World stepped into a new era of plastic.

    The biggest industry that grew, because of invention of plastic, was the toy industry. Little cars that all the boys love to play with began to look like real life model and was affordable by middle class. New creation idea that created a new category in toys, battery powered toys. Those toys instantly became popular between boys and girls. Boys did not want a regular model car any more, they want the car that can ride. Girls wanted the talking doll instead of just regular stuffed dolls. Battery toys began their journey to grow in sizes, shapes, and functions.


 Battery toys were limited in function at the beginning, because of battery capacity and of the size of the battery. First electric ride on car was powered by 6V battery. Ride on cars were a big construction in which it was easy to install the battery. Scientists did not stop just on ride on cars and implemented batteries in to basic toys. There are now over 1 billion electric toys, cars, dolls, and scooters that operate on battery. The progress of batteries started with a big box that help few minutes of charge in to 1 small box that holds hours of fun for kids.

History of battery Ride on cars

History of battery Ride on cars

The history of ride-on cars and push cars will take you back to 1890's. First ride on pedal cars were made out of raw wood or cardboard. Reaching the peak of popularity in the late 1920's, pedal cars experienced a resurgence with chain-driven models that took over in the 1950's to 1960's. From mid 1930's through late 1960's manufacturers of pedal cars stared to upgrade their models with working front and rear lights, custom paint jobs, working horn, and movable windshield.


From 1930's, after luxury automobile company Bugatti released a scaled down model of their car, most ride in cars were modified from wooden block with 4 tires into recognizable models of their favorite adults cars with opening doors and detailed interior. The use of plastic made it possible for engineers to create electric toy cars, powered by small electric motors and a rechargeable battery.

Battery powered cars are the closest thing to real driving for kids. Operation of the electric toy vehicle is quite simple but has all the elements as an adult car; gas and break pedal and steering wheel. Kids always want to grow up fast and do things that adults do. Little kids always wanted to drive a car just like their mom and dad. That kids dream stated a slow evolution of toy cars that started with push cars, that had nothing but a body made of wood and 4 tires, all the way to models looking electric car, that come with music, lights, and delicate designs.

Our happy customers